The Strand’s Non-Stand

February 24th, 2006 at 4:05pm (Canada, Church & State, Freedom, Islam)

Recently The Strand, a newspaper published by students at Victoria College, University of Toronto, published a cartoon depicting Jesus Christ embracing and kissing Mohammed. Many conservatives have been lauding this as a great act of free speech. Included in this is Adam Daifallah, which I must admit is quite a surprise. I am currently reading an excellent book that he co-authored entitled Rescuing Canada’s Right in which he appears to be highly intelligent and forward thinking when it comes to conservative issues. The Strand’s publishing of this cartoon may be an act of free speech, but it is also an act of cowardice.

I say this because although they were willing to sort’ve publish a cartoon of Mohammed, they actually didn’t. It’s only a drawing of his back and the turban is so big that it’s impossible to determine who it is. On the other hand, the image of Jesus is obvious as he gets a full portrait shot. What’s worse, is that they have actually stated publically that they won’t be posting the images from Jyllends-Posten. This is the height of hypocrisy, in that they want to have the free-speech-loving prestige of an Ezra Levant, but they don’t want to really count the cost. It’s one thing to have Christians upset with you – they won’t put a pipe-bomb under your car. Muslims on the other hand have been known to do far worse.

It appears that Nick Ragaz, the editor of The Strand, blogs at Live Free or Die, such an ironic statement from someone who actually doesn’t believe in true freedom. Instead, they would rather live in fear of retribution and not post anything truly offensive – except of course to those pacifist wimps we call Christians.

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