Why Lord Protector?

February 24th, 2006 at 11:41am (Canada, Cromwell)

Lord ProtectorMuch like sixteenth and seventeenth century England, Canada has been ruled for over a decade by those who do not reflect the values of their people. As King Charles I believed that his rule was untouchable via the “divine right of kings,” the Liberal Party of Canada has believed that they would always remain in power, via their “culture of entitlement.” As the Parliamentary armies toppled the king, the Liberal Party has been removed from their high horse to exist among the lowly commoners. Now, I am not arguing that Stephen Harper is the next Oliver Cromwell, nor do I believe that the Conservatives are the next Puritan Parliament; that remains to be seen. But one thing that is sure: the small-c conservative movement in Canada needs to continue the “Roundhead” momentum they have gained. They need to build their arms and ensure that the “divine right” or the “culture of entitlement” does not return.

I have chosen Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) as Lord Protector for the moniker of this blog. The reasons for this are numerous, not the least of which was Cromwell’s stand for freedom and liberty. In Canada we have suffered under the socialist ideal of statism. Canadians have been fooled into thinking that we need the government involved in our daily affairs. It is now time for the people of Canada to stand up for their individual rights and freedoms, what Cromwell called “a natural right,” and ensure that Canadian governance abides by the true values of Canadians.


  1. albertanicus said,

    Good title, Good theme, Good Content.

    Is this a poliblog then?


  2. The Lord Protector said,

    Yeah, theo-poliblog I guess you could say. I’m just messing around with things right now.
    The world ain’t ready for the “unveiling.”

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