The Wages of Spin – Freedom and Protest

February 27th, 2006 at 7:26am (Freedom, Islam, Western Civ)

Historian Carl R. Trueman, in his regular Reformation21 column “The Wages of Spin,” has published his thoughts on the recent protests in the Islamic world over cartoons depicting Mohammed. True to fashion, Dr. Trueman’s writes with a powerful and colourful wit. Whether you agree with him or not, he’s sure to entertain.

Here’s a brilliant quote from the first paragraph:

…[N]one of the news media in the US – a nation with a First Amendment which separates religious and political institutions, and which guarantees freedom of the press – none of the news media, I say, seems to have had the courage to show these cartoons. This is distressing, not because I have a burning desire to become complicit in offending the religious sensibilities of decent Islamic folk, but because I would like to see the offending cartoons for myself, so as to make an informed judgment upon them. But it is not to be: TV channels that brag about their risk-taking and courage in standing for freedom of speech get all coy when there is a chance of being caught in the Islamic crossfire. Of course, we shouldn’t worry – these same channels courageously allow Howard Stern to continue pushing his perverted trivia; so freedom of the media is safe and sound, however many threats from extremist Mennonite Sunday School teachers and elderly Baptist spinsters these channels may receive.

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