The Windsor Liberty Seminar

February 28th, 2006 at 2:23pm (Canada, Freedom)

Windsor Liberty Seminar

I will be attending (DV) the Windsor Liberty Seminar in about two weeks time. It will be held on Saturday, March 11th, 2006 at the University of Windsor (Katzman Lounge). It is hosted by The Freedom Project and The Institute for Humane Studies.

Speakers will include: Dr. Steven Horowitz, Prof. of Economics at St. Lawrence University; Dr. Lydia Miljan, Prof. of Poli-Sci at the University of Windsor; Dr. Jan Narveson, retired Prof. of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo; Mr. Gerry Nicholls, VP of the National Citizen’s Coalition and Dr. Pierre Desrochers, Prof. of Geography at the University of Toronto.

The agenda for the seminar can be found here.

I think it will prove to be a valuable event and will hopefully help the cause of a conservative agenda in Canada. My hope is that there will be a good turn out and that many will profit from the insights these speakers will share.


  1. Clint said,

    How is the Cromwellian doing?

    The seminar looks good. I see that the foundation that is co-sponsoring has a bunch of fellowships and grants. You should apply for a summer study fellowshp!

  2. Clint said,

    Are you in the office? Want to goto Tim’s?

  3. Cromwellian Canuck said,

    Good gettin’ coffee with ye.
    I don’t know about me getting a grant, maybe you should though!

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