Ben Chin Takes It On The Chin

March 1st, 2006 at 1:58pm (Canada)

The Liberal candidate for the by-election in the Toronto-Danforth riding has stepped in it. Although, judging from the elections in January, it probably won’t matter much. Ben Chin has said that he escaped from political persecution in Korea, but it turns out that this is untrue.

Conservative pundit Stephen Taylor brings us the expose, comparing Chin’s statement with an interview he did with The two stories of his birth and upbringing don’t match up.

I really do hope that the people in the Toronto-Danforth riding hear this and give it to Chin on the chin, so to speak.


  1. DigitalSpin said,

    This Ben Chin story is becoming an unwarranted salacious side story for the electorate of Toronto-Danforth. Now the issue of racism is being dubiously casted about in this ongoing saga. Citing someone’s questionable personal claims is now being labelled as racist? Ben can easily come out in a brief statement and rectify the controversy he initiated with conflicting personal accounts of his history. Racist no, but scrutiny of a person who’s seeking elected office and who’s integrity for the truth is now in question, yes.

  2. The Lord Protector said,

    My point definitely has nothing to do with race, I hope that I wasn’t ambiguous on that and I apologise if I was. My problem is wholly ethical and ideological: the Liberal Party has succeeded in nothing but deceit in my eyes, and Ben Chin’s statements regarding his origins are completely in line with his party’s history. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is Asian.
    The link between a) the Liberals and b) lying is hard to discount. The other link between a) Liberal lies and b) leftist-media ignorance is also hard to discount. In Ben Chin it may appear that we have all of the above wrapped into one individual.
    If any argument, I don’t care what it is, deteriorates into racism, then the argument sucks. There is no excuse, in any society, in any situation to be racist.
    Thank you for prompting me to clear that up, I appreciate your comments.

    ***NOTE*** In rereading your comment I realise you likely weren’t labelling me as a racist (sorry, I just got out of a three hour class and I’m burnt). I’ll let the comment stand because the point I made is important. Thank you for your comment none-the-less, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Commenting on someone’s political statements should not be considered racist (so long as the comments aren’t racist!). Thanks again.

  3. The Lord Protector said,

    PS. nice blog. You would like my friend Albertanicus, he’s linked on my blogroll.

  4. Cash said,


    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

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