Chinese House Church Raided

March 2nd, 2006 at 9:00am (China, Church & State, Freedom)

A friend of mine just returned from visiting his mother in China for the Chinese new year. When he got back, I was sitting in the kitchen with him and some other Chinese friends talking about his trip. I asked him if he had noticed anything different since he was last there, and he made the comment that there are too many rich people. It was interesting to hear him say that, considering that China has historically been severely communist and only the government has the opportunity to obtain wealth.
What they told me was that there has been a gradual shift in China, from a communist economic system to a more open market. At the same time, the political regime is still communist, which can be seen by their totalitarian control over the people. Religious persecution is still high.

The religious persecution factor is plain to anyone who is familiar with world events. Even more so if one reads the very important Voice of the Martyrs. In today’s email update that I received, I learned that the Public Securities Bureau in Huaibei City raided a house-church that also functioned as a Bible school. Thirty-six of the Chinese Christians were arrested. As the update says, eye-witness accounts indicate that fifty officers came into the house with electric shock batons.

These brothers and sisters in Christ need prayer. They also need the west to stand up on their behalf, advocating for their freedom. No more should westerners be taken up with the so-called plights of jailed drug-dealers, murderers or pimps who are supposedly “political prisoners.” Our concerns should be for those whose freedoms are ripped from them by governments who seek to obliterate truth in the quest for power.

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