“We Are A Nation That Drinks Blood…”

March 3rd, 2006 at 3:04pm (Islam)

[HT: WorldNetDaily

Want to watch something scary? No, I’m not talking about Saw II or Hostel…I’m talking about the real deal. Check out these videos of Palestinian bloodlust from Palestinian Media Watch, it’s pretty freaky stuff.

Like this video of a Palestinian sitting behind a wall of weapons declaring that they are a nation who drinks Jewish blood.

Or this video of a killer telling his mother that he doesn’t want to see her sad on his wedding day. His wedding day in paradise that is, when he marries all the “maidens of paradise.”

There are more like them here and here. A real religion of peace…


  1. Brian Lemon said,

    Lord P.
    Me from Lemons – Thanks for your comments. Please feel free to distribute my death rate table as you desire (with credit).
    I like your site – visit http://www.canadiancoalition.com

  2. The Lord Protector said,

    Thanks, that looks great. I will link it for sure. Anything to promote freedom. I appreciate your encouragement, your site is great too.

  3. Dan said,

    Hey Ian,

    Saw you in church today but didnt get a chance to say hello! Here is a link you may have already seen, but it is worth a post nonetheless!



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