Unsanitized China

March 6th, 2006 at 3:37pm (China, Freedom)


[HT: The Shotgun]

No, I’m not talking about Chinese markets with raw meat hanging in a window, unless you’re talking about their the market with the corpse of freedom for sale. I’m talking about a clean look at the dirty politics of Chinese communism. The infamous Ezra Levant has published a column on the riots in China (no cartoons involved) that a commie-loving western media doesn’t want on your screen. Good night and good luck? Hey Cloonie, try Wen Jiabao on for size. The Chinese comrades would make for a good flick, don’t expect it to get you an Oscar® nod though.

Thanks Ezra for stepping up for Freedom. Google won’t do it, so someone has to.

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