“Islam Must Re-examine Their Holy Books”

March 6th, 2006 at 9:45am (Freedom, Islam, Western Civ)

My friend Dan commented on an earlier post and sent me this link to an interview from The Middle East Media Research Institute. The people involved in the interview I’m not familiar with, but the Arabic lady definitely has something to say. She explains that the west’s confrontation with Islam is not a clash of civilizations, rather it is a clash of freedom vs. oppression; progressive civilization vs. the Middle Ages; etc.

Her most important piece of advice is the call to examine Islamic holy books that clearly spell the desire for war against the “infidel.”

Admittedly, I agree with her critique of Islam. She is dead on that it is an inconsistent worldview (she cites the inconsistency of the term “People of the Book” among others) bent on world domination. But I don’t agree with her apparent pluralistic worldview that makes all beliefs equal and valid (she’s an admitted atheist). Trading Islam in for religious pluralism is like trading one rotten egg for another (it’s still bad, even if relativism doesn’t put a bomb in your mailbox). We don’t treat any other field of scientific endeavour this way, so why religion? If one plus one can objectively equal two, and we can know that, then why can’t we know that there is a God?

With that said, the video is still worth watching for a good critique of Islam from an Arabic woman who wasn’t backing down! It’s also quite funny to see the Muslim guys all twisted in a knot calling her a heretic. Good for them to resort to ad hominem and not answer her charges — it proves her point about them being in the Dark Ages.

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