Getting America Right – Book Review

March 7th, 2006 at 5:28pm (Books, Conservativism)

Rebecca Hagelin, vice-president of The Heritage Foundation has reviewed Ed Feulner’s Getting America Right: The True Conservative Values Our Nation Needs Today. Feulner was in the Reagan administration and was president of The Heritage Foundation for over thirty-years. From what Hagelin says, it looks like an important book for small-c conservatives to read, including those of us in Canada.

Here’s a quote:

Conservatives need to reacquaint themselves with their principles. There’s a reason that conservatism has survived as a popular movement for so many years — because it’s grounded in reality and proven wisdom. Unlike liberalism, it isn’t based on wishful thinking, shallow reasoning and good intentions. It works. 


  1. lenina said,


    I’ve noticed that you haven’t posted on your blog in ages! Why have you stopped writing? Did you just get bored, or was it too much work? Is your blog dead for good, or are you going to continue to write? Please let me know 🙂 .

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  2. John Smith said,

    I’m a republican and i find this very arogant

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