Why “The Lord Protector”?

Oliver Cromwell

Why “The Lord Protector” you ask? In the view of this blogger, one of the greatest leaders in world history was Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector of England. He is also one of world history’s most misunderstood leaders. Many have viewed him as a hate-monger and a murderer, a despotic ruler and a stodgy old puritan. In each of these instances, nothing could be further from the truth. While he was a Puritan, he was anything but stodgy. For just as in the case of Cromwell, the Puritans are another group who have been gravely misunderstood. The Puritans were many things, but surely they were not stodgy!

Here in Canada we need men and women with the tenacity, the faith and the leadership of an Oliver Cromwell. Here at The Lord Protector, I will propose the Cromwellian ideas of liberty of conscience, religious freedom, and faithfulness to Christ. These, and others, were some of the hallmarks of Cromwell’s thought.

A student in Toronto, Ontario, I have been active in the blogosphere for years. I have decided to take a decisively political stand with The Lord Protector in the hopes of seeing a continued resurgence of small-c conservative ideals such as individual freedoms in the market, religious sphere and in politics.

I have an inherent disdain for anything that smacks of socialist, statist interventionism. I believe that amongst men and women, all are free. As a Calvinist, the notion of freedom is especially important to me. We have been given the freedom of choice by God to follow our desires. My hope is that those who read The Lord Protector might come to own the same desires of Cromwell, namely “that he who hath begun a good work would perfect it to the day of Christ.” (Letter to Elizabeth St. John, 1638).


(Email – cromwelliancanuck at hotmail dot com)

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