Albertanicus – More Equal Than Thou

March 3rd, 2006 at 9:26am (Canada, Freedom)

The mighty Albertanicus has posted his scathing opinion of the current debate over health-care. It’s worth reading just for the rhetoric as well as the dead-on insight he conveys.

Here’s a good one:

And so the culture of entitlement continues to permeate Canadian culture in ironic, though subversive ways.  it is evident in the blind denunciations of shorter wait times and quicker healing.  Yet it prefers  the entitlement of  “equal futility” and “equal pain”. 


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Twisted Logic – The BC Human Rights Tribunal and the K of C

March 2nd, 2006 at 4:19pm (Canada, Church & State, Freedom, Same-sex marriage)

[HT: Terry O’Neill at The Shotgun Blog]

The Centre for Cultural Renewal has published their analysis of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal’s ruling on same-sex marriage as it relates to freedom of religion. In November of 2005 a lesbian couple sought out a Knights of Columbus hall to rent for their wedding. When the K of C refused, they were brought before the Tribunal. The ruling was confusing in that the K of C seemingly were exonerated for turning the lesbian couple down. Yet, at the same time they were fined for not allowing them to rent their hall.

Here’s an important quote that sums up much of this situation:

The harm in the analysis conducted by the Tribunal exists in the risk of forcing persons to act against their religious convictions because someone who does not share that belief concludes that it is not essential.”

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Ben Chin Takes It On The Chin

March 1st, 2006 at 1:58pm (Canada)

The Liberal candidate for the by-election in the Toronto-Danforth riding has stepped in it. Although, judging from the elections in January, it probably won’t matter much. Ben Chin has said that he escaped from political persecution in Korea, but it turns out that this is untrue.

Conservative pundit Stephen Taylor brings us the expose, comparing Chin’s statement with an interview he did with The two stories of his birth and upbringing don’t match up.

I really do hope that the people in the Toronto-Danforth riding hear this and give it to Chin on the chin, so to speak.

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Same-Sex Marriage in Canada – A Lesson in Statist History

March 1st, 2006 at 9:10am (Books, Canada, Freedom, Same-sex marriage, Western Civ)

In the excellent book Divorcing Marriage: Unveiling the Dangers in Canada’s New Social Experiment (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2004) edited by Daniel Cere and Douglas Farrow, Canadians are given an opportunity to evaluate the issue of same-sex marriage from an objective and scholarly perspective. Eleven scholars come together in this one volume to offer their analysis from their respective areas of specialization.

Over the course of time I may try to summarise and evaluate the various essays in this book with the hope of disseminating the information they provide as well as offering some thoughts of my own.

Of particular interest to me today is the essay written by one of the editors, Daniel Cere, entitled “War of the Ring.” Cere provides a historical survey of Canadian politics related to same-sex marriage, going back only a few years to 1999 when the federal parliament reaffirmed the traditional definition of marriage. How far we have come in only a few years! Cere catalogues the main events that took place showing how we got to where we are today. I must tell you, it has been a frightening ride, especially for one like myself who is horrified by statism and government interventionism. I enjoy my democratic freedom as a Canadian, and to read the events that gave legal status to same-sex marriage in Canada is nothing but scary. Canadian rights and opinions have been left in the lurch in favour of the opinions of elitist politicians and judges who act as though they are a law unto themselves. Cere also offers a philosophical analysis of this change in marriage, poking at the presuppositions that lie behind this burning desire to push same-sex legislation through – at the cost of freedom.

Daniel Cere writes as one who knows the issues involved, and so he should, as he is the director of the Institute for the Study of Marriage, Law and Culture in Montreal.

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The Windsor Liberty Seminar

February 28th, 2006 at 2:23pm (Canada, Freedom)

Windsor Liberty Seminar

I will be attending (DV) the Windsor Liberty Seminar in about two weeks time. It will be held on Saturday, March 11th, 2006 at the University of Windsor (Katzman Lounge). It is hosted by The Freedom Project and The Institute for Humane Studies.

Speakers will include: Dr. Steven Horowitz, Prof. of Economics at St. Lawrence University; Dr. Lydia Miljan, Prof. of Poli-Sci at the University of Windsor; Dr. Jan Narveson, retired Prof. of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo; Mr. Gerry Nicholls, VP of the National Citizen’s Coalition and Dr. Pierre Desrochers, Prof. of Geography at the University of Toronto.

The agenda for the seminar can be found here.

I think it will prove to be a valuable event and will hopefully help the cause of a conservative agenda in Canada. My hope is that there will be a good turn out and that many will profit from the insights these speakers will share.

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Needing to Wake up, West Just Closes Its Eyes

February 27th, 2006 at 8:46am (Canada, Freedom, Islam, Western Civ)

[HT: Ezra Levant]

Mark Steyn’s recent article in The Chicago Sun is chilling. Writing about the west’s failure to expose Islam as it really is, a religion founded and based upon violence and terror, is nothing new. Each time it tends towards running a chill down my spine, but nothing too serious. But when it gets to the point that the west won’t even report about racist murders against Jews, it gets even scarier. It is as if western, plurastic newspapers don’t even know what news is.

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Morton Report – Firearms and Freedom

February 25th, 2006 at 5:56pm (Canada)

Living in Toronto I am often confronted with the issue of firearms control. Whether it’s in the paper, on the news or the topic of friendly conversation, the escalating crime-rate and the suggestion of a gun-ban is front and centre.

After a series of shootings in Toronto, especially the Boxing Day shooting that saw the life of a fifteen year old girl taken, the call for banning all guns was heard for miles around. It became an issue for Paul Martin on the election trail, garnering the support of Ontario Premiere Dalton McGuinty and Toronto Mayor David Miller.

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The Strand’s Non-Stand

February 24th, 2006 at 4:05pm (Canada, Church & State, Freedom, Islam)

Recently The Strand, a newspaper published by students at Victoria College, University of Toronto, published a cartoon depicting Jesus Christ embracing and kissing Mohammed. Many conservatives have been lauding this as a great act of free speech. Included in this is Adam Daifallah, which I must admit is quite a surprise. I am currently reading an excellent book that he co-authored entitled Rescuing Canada’s Right in which he appears to be highly intelligent and forward thinking when it comes to conservative issues. The Strand’s publishing of this cartoon may be an act of free speech, but it is also an act of cowardice.

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Why Lord Protector?

February 24th, 2006 at 11:41am (Canada, Cromwell)

Lord ProtectorMuch like sixteenth and seventeenth century England, Canada has been ruled for over a decade by those who do not reflect the values of their people. As King Charles I believed that his rule was untouchable via the “divine right of kings,” the Liberal Party of Canada has believed that they would always remain in power, via their “culture of entitlement.” As the Parliamentary armies toppled the king, the Liberal Party has been removed from their high horse to exist among the lowly commoners.  Read the rest of this entry »

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